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I wrote the Word Search Puzzle Book to fill a void in the teaching of reading to special education students.

As a special education teacher with 32 years of experience in the field, I addressed many existing reading problems in an attempt to create a book designed to unite phonics to remedy reading problems.

The book concentrates on areas which present problems for numerous students. Included are short and long vowel discrimination, words containing digraphs, sight vocabulary, consonant clusters, special ending words, the silent 'e' and many other areas that give students problems. To my knowledge there is no other word search book on the market which seeks to provide such a detailed, corrective remedy for these problems.

I believe this Word Search Puzzle Book will be an asset in assisting teachers and parents to help students remedy reading issues.

Good luck,

Dee Crystal, B.A., M.S

The 'book' is a soft cover 8.5 x 11 and is spiral bound. The content of the book is as follows:
  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Short Vowel 'A'
  • Short Vowel 'E'
  • Short Vowel 'I'
  • Short Vowel 'O'
  • Short Vowel 'U'
  • Short Vowel 'A' Scrambled
  • Short Vowel 'E' Scrambled
  • Short Vowel 'I' Scrambled
  • Short Vowel 'O' Scrambled
  • Short Vowel 'U' Scrambled
  • Diagraphs 'TH, CH, SH, WH, CU' Unscrambled
  • Diagraphs 'TH, CH, SH, WH, CU' Sscrambled
  • Pre-Primary Sight Words Scrambled
  • Primary Sight Words Scrambled
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Sight Words Scrambled
  • Blends Scrambled
  • More Blends Scrambled
  • Blends Review Scrambled
  • Special Endings Scrambled 'NG, NK'
  • Special Endings Scrambled 'CT'
  • Special Endings Scrambled 'IC'
  • Special Endings Scrambled 'CK'
  • Blends Scrambled 'IND, ILD, OLD, OLT, OST'
  • Adding 'S' to Make a Word Scrambled
  • Silent 'E' Scrambled
  • 'OR' Words Scrambled
Word Search Puzzle Book Book


Short Vowel 'I' page

Short Vowel 'I' sample page

Word Search Puzzle Book
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